Jaya Kesava Dasa: In response to Matsya’s das’s letter, I find it very hard to believe that Braja Bihari could get even one person to make a stand for him. No real offense, Matsya, but you are not living in the real world, are you? There is no way that any informed or intelligent devotee in ISKCON today would speak like you did.

You say that you are not aware of all the details of Gauri? Wake up! You are not aware of all the details full-stop! What happened to us in that Gurukula before Braja Bihari’s time and during his time was real. It was not some imagined or childish make believe story. We have and still are suffering because devotees like Braja Bihari took all the senior positions and went around pretending like they cared for us, but they stabbed us all in the back.

Do you think you know him? Do you think you know Dhanurdhara? Do you seriously think that you know him so well that he will tell you the truth? If he is displaying symptoms of being disturbed or hurt or worried, it is only because he has been found out. He thought that he could sweet talk devotees like you so you would protect him. But the truth always comes out in the end. For him it is now.

Braja Bihari has been found out. He knew full well what he was doing and saying. He was being checked by devotees for years and he refused to listen. He brought this all upon himself. He now has to be stopped from incurring more sin. He knows this himself. Now is his time to reflect on what he has done and what he has become.

The more we let him destroy the devotional lives of devotees and ruin ISKCON, the more that he will suffer. If you are really his friend, then tell him to search his own soul and to act with integrity and truthfulness. Now is the time for him to stop the lies and deceit, admit that his plan has failed and take the punishment. If he is a sincere devotee he will take this like a man of honor.

But he needs to be charged and punished for his sins to the full extent of ISKCON law.

Hate the sin and not the sinner. This is not all that has to be done. The sinner must be stopped or else how would he learn or change? To hate the sin and not the sinner and do nothing else is not helping anyone, is it?

So Matsya, you too have to learn how to care. We all do. To care for someone is not to ignore their problems or sins.

Jaya Kesava Dasa