Govinda Dasa – USA:

ISKCON Studies Conference

ISKCON and Interpretation:

Context, History, Theory, Practice

Prabhupadadesh, Italy Friday 27 – Monday 30 July, 2007

A bunch of amateur wannabe academicians engaged in the subtle sex game of pseudo-intellectual intercourse “Oh this is the ‘post modernistic period’ and we are presently… Blah Blah Blahing about something we know nothing about… and yet…

The funniest thing is, as these idiots engage in their intellectual sexual fantasies, we have Sesa saying, “it is interpretation of ISKCON Law blah, blah, witch hunt! Witch hunt! Blah Blah…”

Maybe this is a cry for help? The serial killer who wants to be caught? But I don’t think so. What he is really saying is, if anyone sees their crimes and calls them on them, that ‘they’ are on a witch hunt. In all his wisdom and learning he places the blame on ‘others’ who engage in these alleged ‘witch hunts’ when he and his cronies are the only ones, crying ‘witch, witch witch!

Anyone who speaks up against their criminal mentality and deviant ways is labeled a witch. They are like the false Pope crying ‘kill the witches! Kill the pagans!’

We all know what Srila Prabhupada has given us is self explanatory and needs no interpretation. However, they claim that everyone from the west has a ‘post modernistic’ perspective on life and therefore processes information in this way. What if someone had a Minimalistic view? Or an Existential view? A, Hindu view? A, Jewish view? A Christian view?

They have us intellectually debating the pros and cons of ‘Traditionalism Vs Modernism’ but we are not that stupid to engage in this stupid sophistic banter for we are neither Modernists or Traditionalists. We simply follow our Spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada!

In their arrogance they claim that their academic understanding is the right one and we all are wrong. That if only we would listen to them, the intellectuals, we will better understand Srila Prabhupada. If ‘they’ call a stick a snake and a snake a stick then we must listen to them!

They fail to mention that Srila Prabhupada was educated by a western Christian education system! In his youth he had various political leanings and did not end up finishing his college training. Srila Prabhupada knew full well what he was dealing with, when he established ISKCON, he just did not know how corrupt and low class people from the west were; nor how some of his disciples would turn out to be such big criminals, perverts and philosophical deviants. How some of them, like Sesa, would become traitors and heretics.

So let them have their pseudo intellectual sexual fantasies and re mould institutional ISKCON into their perverted heretical program, but we know that every dog has its day. Now they are doing this and soon they will be out. As Srila Prabhupadanugas kick them on their traitorous faces.

Govinda das

(revised by author)