Govinda Dasa – USA: 

Dear Prajyumna Prabhu

Thank you for your insightful and heartfelt letter. I am sure so many devotees will take solace in your words and I do pray that the leaders of ISKCON actually listen. However, I will not hold my breath prabhu.

There are three distinct ISKCONs present today.

1.     The ISKCON, where you will find all of us.

This is where Srila Prabhupada is our param Siksa Guru – we are the poor beggars.

2.     Then there is the Rubber Stamp Gurus.

Where the gurus think that they are little Prabhupadas. Here there is not really any lack of money – for most of them have their own personal ISKCON bank accounts and money collectors.

3.     Then there is the Institutional ISKCON.

Here is where the career devotees work. They have it hard, money wise. This is also where the lies emanate from. Here is where both non guru and guru devotees work hard to make sure the lies and deceit are always forthcoming. This ISKCON is purposefully kept poor (Bankrupt). This is the one that many people feel sorry for and believe that they are really trying hard to help devotees such as you and me.

The ‘denial’ model that you speak of is not really that accurate prabhu when speaking of the combined manifestation of these three ISKCONs. This mainly refers to the first ISKCON. It is this ISKCON that is filled with devotees who are in denial.

The second ISKCON know much better than this. They are fully aware. They are the ISKCON guru elite.

The third ISKCON is the cunning and shrewd ISKCON. They too, like the second, are fully aware and run interference for the other.

I think that the ISKCON that exists today may be described rather as being schizophrenic.

Not in the sense that modern Psychiatry describes, it is more along the line that we understand as being ‘Ghostly Haunted’. The second two ISKCONs have ‘possessed’ the first and taken it over.

The original living entity has been relegated to a back seat where due to the activities of the latter two it has developed symptoms of apathy, lethargy and denial. The ghosts have brutalized the first to such an extent that it no longer has the will or courage to fight back and break free of their clutches. We end up justifying our struggle as being our past karma or lack of Krishna Consciousness and we try our best to sort out the facts from the lies and yet we never really get on top of things. We can never really see what is happening to us and ISKCON.

The GBC don’t care on single bit about devotees like you and me prabhu. They pretend they do but to think that they do is absolute folly. Each and every guru who has been charged with child abuse in some shape and form the GBC have always sent them a ‘We are sorry to upset you’ letter and welcomed them back into the fold. They allowed them to be ‘seen’ to be punished for our benefit only. But they had every intention of giving back their status and perks as soon as possible. We on the other hand just watch this all happen and pray for their mercy. But it will not be forthcoming prabhu. So please don’t think that they are down and out and begging. That is what they want you to believe. They are as strong as ever and have their machinations of subverting ISKCON to their will in full working order.

Do you really think that these guys are poor? Most of them come from wealthy families and have their own ISKCON Bank accounts. Will they use their money for the children cannon fodder? No way known on this earth with these guys part with one single dime of their families money. They have been bred that way for generations. They will have you and me and their disciples bleed to bring money to their feet.

They will emotionlessly take the offering of poor and sincere devotees from Russia and Europe who will sell their house or the very shirt of their back to offer homage to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. I have seen one of them take the money off an old Russian mataji who just sold her house to give to him, her guru, all the money she had in the world besides her pension. He did not even blink an eyelid and more or less said ‘next’…

So please don’t shed one single tear for them. They are ruthless devils. Far worse than you or I could ever be. They are not ‘innocent’!

Shed a tear for the rest of us. The true ISKCON! We are leaderless and no one cares for us. I am not feeling sorry for myself or others it is simply the reality of our situation. We have given our lives over to Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON and have given everything away and they have taken it.

How many of our godbrothers who have given to these people hundreds of thousands of dollars and are right this moment selling T Shirts to make a living while they are spinning around the world and staying in four and five star hotels? How many apartments have they in their hands? So please don’t expect compassion from them.

I say we need to be exorcised of these ghosts and vampires who suck the devotee’s blood and life force.

Yes we need to break free of this denial prabhu. These guys have proven that their only interest is their own agenda and that is certainly not ours is it? No way. We would never do what they have done or what they are still doing and if we don’t stop them what they will continue to do.

So please don’t wait till they have compassion for you will be here a very long time. They can’t even spell compassion to know its meaning! To think that they care is like the abused woman saying ‘I know he still loves me…’ When we all know that he doesn’t. He will wait until the neighbors call to cops. He will be driven off in handcuffs to the local precinct and the woman off to the hospital.  He will be angry and she will be full of remorse for his suffering…

Where is the news here? The same old same old. The kids will be angry and go on to bash their kids. This vicious cycle has to stop. We need to call in the “GhostBusters” and have these wicked spirits booted out of Srila Prabhupada’s body (ISKCON).

Govinda das

(revised by author)