Krsnacandra Dasa – Vrndavan: There is always concern that products that we use on a daily basis to offer the Lord may be contaminated in some manner. In India this concern is very real. Most if not all of the ghee that is made in India has been contaminated / supplemented by animal fat from pigs / buffalo / donkey etc.

Recently there has been much talk about sugar being contaminated with bone char and so I decided to check on the sugar that we use in our home. Below is the dialogue that I had with the “Trust” sugar brand that we use.

I pray that this will ease your mind with regards to sugar as we all know that Krsna loves His sweets and of course so do Vaisnava Brahmins…


Dear Sir,

First of all I would like to thank you for purchasing our sugar. Thank you for your query as well. We have been asked this question by so many people. Once upon a time bone charcoal was also used as a clarificant in sugarcane juice. Nowadays no one uses that method. Most of the sugar factories use sulphur and lime as clarificants. We being a sugar refinery don’t use sulphur also. We use phosphoric acid and lime and ion-exchange resins for clarification. None of these chemicals are have any animal origin. We don’t use any chemicals of animal origin anywhere in the process. We give a declaration to Pharma companies ,which is called a TSE/BSE certificate, confirming that we don’t use anything of animal origin in our process.

Hope you are satisfied with our reply. Please feel free to write to us for any other clarification. Kindly forward this your colleagues also.

Thank you for your confidence in our product.

Please feel free to post my reply on your website. We have no objection.

We feel blessed to be catering to a religious group like ISKCON.


Thanks & regards,


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