Prabhupāda Dāsa – Australia: Ramai, Ajita, Aniruddha and Tirtharaj fail to publish accounts to clear their names

We have all heard the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’, and so the challenge was set for Ramai, Ajita, Aniruddha and Tirtharaj to come forward and prove all the words wrong that have been spoken out against them by the devotees of Iskcon Australia.

This was a perfect opportunity for these so called leaders to address the devotees and prove once and for all that the allegations against them were not true.  They did not publish Iskcon’s accounts and they did not publish their own expense accounts that they have Iskcon pay every day for them.

This can only mean one thing, THEY ARE GUILTY of defrauding and taking Srila Prabhupada’s money.

It would be near next to impossible for these money launderers to show anything different than what has been claimed against them.  The deceit is too deep.

There are too many devotees who work cash in hand in Govindas and who know they pay no tax and certainly Ajita does not pay it for them.  Instead that money goes to him.  A bonus you may say.  The poor gurukulis that are currently slaving over Govindas and the Catering business for Ajita’s fast buck.  Shame on you Ajita.

Ramai is the cat that ate the cream.  He sits pretty in his Gold Coast pad with his rented movies with not a care in the world, all at the expense of the devotees who he tells to surrender, just so he can enjoy more.  He didn’t even blink an eyelid when he defrauded HKFFL and his old mate Adi got fleeced.  Ramai got $70,000 cash for that.  Shame on you Ramai.

Tirtha, well well well.  In over 20 years you took in hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash donations to buy or build a temple for Gaura Nitai.  What did you achieve for Their Lordships, NOTHING.  Instead you started your own string of personal businesses, bought a volley of houses in your name.  And for the final blow to Gaura Nitai, now they have to live in a house owned by you and they have to pay rent to you.  Haven’t you fleeced them enough.  You and your wife should hang your heads in shame and pray that Gaura Nitai gives you some mercy before the end of Kali-yuga.

Aniruddha, fresh back from spending Srila Prabhupada’s money for yet another holiday for him and his wife.  When do you take off again?  Aniruddha who has his hands in the till of every Iskcon account across Australia.  He has forced Iskcon Melbourne into hundreds and thousands of dollars of debt year after year.  He is famous for harbouring pedophiles and we have just heard he has his own case of pedophilia and sexual exploitation to answer for.  Shame on you Ani.

So no wonder we have not heard an official statement supporting these guys from the GBC EC.  It is also obvious that these guys couldn’t even show a scrap of paper that can legally show they are not engaging in criminal activity and are innocent.

We devotees of Iskcon Australia should follow the advice of Ajita’s offsider, Damodara Pandit, who said we should report them to the Police.  So even he knows what is going on is wrong.

We need to all speak up against these frauds, who dare, to take advantage of Srila Prabhupada and his loyal servants.  Speak up to the GBC EC, speak up and don’t stop until these nonsense rascals are gone and their stronghold over Srila Prabhupada’s Iskcon is finished.