Concerned Gurukuli Student – Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham: I would like to bring to the attention of the worldwide community the latest shenanigans of ISKCON Vrindavana that occurred during the last day of the Holi Festival. An eastern European mataji Vishaka Devī Dāsī , was splashed with colors on the street on the way to the temple from the MVT.

Holi in Vrindavana is exactly that, people splashing and throwing colors at each other and so was the case at the backside of the Temple where boys were engaged in throwing colors where the incident occurred. It has to be noted that Visaka Devī Dāsī is a long term resident of Vrindavana and is in full knowledge what is the last day of Holi in Vṛndāvan and yet she was decked out in her Sunday best sari and chaddar and walked through the boys as if her newfound status as the wife of a Prabhupāda disciple would protect her from the colors.

As a matter of course she was showered with color however in her case she got really angry and started to uncontrollably slapping the young Canadian gurukula boy who did it, really hard on the face.

The young gurukula boy controlled himself for while as he was continuously barraged with hard slaps to his face unfortunately after eight hard slaps (or so) to his face he lost it and swept mataji to the ground. Luckily his friends who were there quickly reacted and pulled him off her before the whole thing turned into something far worse.

The twist is that Visaka Devī Dāsī dressed up fancy ego got really bruised. It does not help that she recently married Sruti Kirti dasa (asbcp). Sruta Kirti who is a good friend to Pancagauda dasa (Vrindavan temple president) is pushing for implementation of really unreasonable sanctions on the young man.  He (Sruta kirti) is also involving two heavyweight senior ISKCON devotees in seeing that their type of “justice” will be served to the young boy.

I’m not defending the actions of the young boy, however I would like to put the issue into proper perspective in the attempt to show how a playful incident can turn into a huge issue involving senior heavyweights of the ISKCON institution which is only coming from bruised egos, lost faces, sentimentally and heightened emotions and if there is need for any kind of punishment that is done so proportionality.

What saddens me the most is the fact how strongly and quickly the ISKCON authority is reacting when their ‘friends’ are involved and yet these same individuals are doing nothing when a teacher abuses a child in the ISKCON Vrindavan school as it was brought to our attention by Sanaka rsi prabhu `s detailed writings for the past few months or when their other friend Abhirama Dāsa had his ex girlfriend beaten up by MVT staff and banned from the MVT?

Funny hey how when schoolboys have fun on the day of Holi in Shree Vṛndāvan Dhama he is immediately and heavily jumped on with ‘jackboots’ if it ‘offends’ one of their friends but when a boy in the Gurukula is beaten or tortured they protect the teacher.