By a Sincere Devotee: Srila Prabhupada referred to Ravindra Svarupa as a professor of Fool-osophy when he found out Ravindra wanted to go to college to become a learned professor. Now he is a doctor of divinity I have heard. This might not be a spiritual disqualification but it isn’t necessarily a spiritual qualification either, as Prabhupada called him either a doctor or a professor of “Fool”osophy for a reason.

In the early nineties Ravindra was in charge of the Baltimore temple. Previously it had been in Satsvarupa’s zone but he retired from that and gave it to Ravindra, so I’ve heard. Ravindra put a temple president in charge who was an actor in Bollywood and became a devotee. This devotee was initiated by Bhaktipada (Kiritananada) and was his personal servant for a while but lied and said he was initiated by Srila Prabhupada to the devotees in the temple. His wife was said to be literally a prostitute in Mumbai and had married five times. That is not necessarily a problem but the problem was she said she was a brahmana and went on the altar. She cooked for the Deities and dressed Them. Then the TP’s cousin came over from India. Not a problem until the TP kicked out everyone who was not related to him and left the temple with himself, his wife, his cousin and his wife who also was not initiated but who cooked for the Deities and maybe one or two other Indians.

All the while devotees were complaining about why the Western devotees were being kicked out until not one was left. The temple president claimed to belong to a brahmana family by birth and collected laxmi from the congregation but he was the temple president, treasurer, vice president, commander and secretary but held no meetings and was accountable to none of the devotees.

Did he have to give any of it to Ravindra?

The TP held no job and claimed he was taking none of the laxmi for himself then one day he did land a job as a bus driver and within two months he bought a house for his family. Two months of work in the last twenty years and they gave him a loan for a house? Devotees doubted his story but his wife said she was not a prostitute in India but a lawyer and that is how she got so much money all of a sudden.

So over the course of this temple president’s reign, the one put in charge by Ravindra Svarupa, he kicked out all the devotees, collected laxmi that he was never accountable for apparently and ultimately left after he bought his house. He kept his bus driving job and his wife got the house after the divorce.

This is just one example of the Divinity of the Doctor Ravindra Svarupa. “Professor of Phoolosophy”.