Vrindavan Dasa – USA: I am very happy to hear the truth about Braj Bihari beginning to come out in the public forum. There are so many of us who know this Braj Bihari’s true nature.

Since Bhurijan Das (Braj Bihari’s Guru) set him up as Gurukul In-charge after he himself was black listed from India, Braj Bihari has steadily increased his power and control over the Vrindavan Temple, V.I.H.E and Gurukul as well as all the departments that Jagadeesh das outlined in his letter.

All of us here know that “not a blade of grass stirs without Braj Bihari’s consent”. He puts out the image that he is ‘a quiet nerd’, but he ruthlessly controls the ISKCON corporation here in Vrindavan.

Either you work for him or you don’t work at all.

Devotees come to Vrindavan to do seva and easily become attached to living in the Dham, but, they usually don’t have the financial means to do so. This is where they fall prey to the corporate trap set up by Braj Bihari to engage them in salaried jobs as opposed to being looked after so they can do seva.

Braj Bihari has orchestrated the overall management of ISKCON Vrindavan and is working a well structured developmental business plan.

From the V.I.H.E and Gurukul he obtained control of the Temple via stacking the V.E.B.- Vrindavan Executive Board (G.B.C) with his ‘chelas’ (minions).

His next move was to secure the Goshala land for the New Gurucruel. This he did by getting the V.E.B to gift the Goshala land to the Gurukul, as well as moving the V.I.H.E to the Goshala land. (Presently the land is worth approximately 2 million dollars and its value is steadily rising.) Braj Bihari’s V.E.B has stated that the Goshala land is under the V.E.B and not the Temple, so we can surmise that the future use of the Goshala land will be determined by Braj Bihari. So the cows will end up not being protected after all.

Thus began the realization of the dream of the old Gurukul regime, namely Dhanurdhar Swami and Bhurijan das, to kick out the cows and take over the Goshala land. This plan, however, was temporary thwarted when members of the devotional community learnt of his plan and spoke up in protection of the cows.

At present Braja Bihari, thru Gurukul and V.I.H.E., is occupying more than half of the Goshala land and he is working slowly but steady towards getting the whole property.

Braj Bihari seems to have the classic ‘ASURA’ mentality of being against Brahminical culture and cows.

It is well known worldwide how Braj Bihari and his fellow Headmasters/Headmistresses are against Srila Prabhupada’s Brahminical teachings and are fully embracing karmi education.

It is common knowledge that it is impossible to speak up against or have an unbiased investigation of Gurukul activities or any other of his departments.

The most protected department is the Gurukul (run by his wife, Ananda Vrindavan).

We are always hearing about cases of homosexual activity in this school. Due to a culture of intimidation and isolationism, instilled in the boys and staff, both victims and witnesses fear to speak up.

When you look at this Braj Bihari and see how he is working, his Philosophy, and see what his ethics are it is not hard to think of this man as a mundane capitalist, not a devotee.

I strongly believe that as more of the truth of this man is exposed we will all see him for whom he really is and what he actually stands for.

Your humble servant,
Vrindavan Das