Ananta Dasa – USA: It is tragic news we hear, Narayana Maharaja is gravely ill and may soon leave his body. This is a time when we in ISKCON need to reflect on the passing of leaders of movements. When Srila Prabhupada entered into Samadhi, ISKCON went into turbulent times which saw ambitious disciples seizing control of his society. In spite of this happening, it is only due to Srila Prabhupada being such an elevated soul that somehow ISKCON is surviving and growing to this very day. Let us watch the disciples of Narayana Maharaja and see what they will do after he leaves, and let this be a stern lesson for us all.

If Narayana Maharaja is such an advanced raga bhakta, he should easily be able to keep the numerous defectors, ex-Prabhupada disciples and other ISKCON deserters inside his own society, and not see them fall away by the hundreds or be lost in confusion and litigation.

As we all know, many of these people were once loyal to Srila Prabhupada, but they deserted him and ISKCON, choosing instead to take shelter of Narayana Maharaja. They used the knowledge and skills that Srila Prabhupada had instilled in them to aid Narayana Maharaja to develop his own Matha. They used their connections with Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON to gain access to ISKCON devotees and Temples to convert many hundreds of ISKCON devotees to join with them. It is not to be considered the same, should they come slithering back, that ISKCON will benefit from the unsubstantiated raga babble that Narayana Maharaja would espouse to capture and pollute the minds of fools who think that they are actually qualified to hear or speak such topics. Such poison must never be given entrance into the already shattered ISKCON society, as it will surely rip our movement apart. The GBC’s are already doing a very nice job of that, thank you very much!

What we do know is that many of the senior Sannyasis of Narayana Maharaja have illicitly met with a delegation of GBC men in 2009, headed up by Gopal Krishna Maharaja, to nut out a merger with full benefits back into ISKCON when Narayana Maharaja leaves. Govinda das predicted this in his article, “2009 Mayapur GBC Meetings Experience a Tumultuous Drop in Attendance“.

One would sincerely hope that their desertion of Srila Prabhupada for Narayana Maharaja, who they believe is the more advanced soul, should make them see the folly of such a reversal of allegiances. Surely they are made of better stuff than this? Surely they would never dream of displaying such vulgar fickleness of behaviour that reeks of wanton greed and infidelity?

We must closely watch how these people behave once this Narayana Maharaja leaves his body. If they desert him and sleaze their way back into ISKCON, we will know any display of faith, loyalty or integrity they claim to possess is nothing but a sham.

Of course, we know institutional ISKCON will welcome them back with open arms, for they too are traitorous wretches who are always seeking ways in which they can destroy ISKCON from within.

Institutional ISKCON has a very nice track record of introducing infectious agents into itself, such as when they reabsorbed the villain Kirtanananda’s deceitful bunch of sannyasis (including the woman sannyasi, Malati). With each traitorous wretch they allow back into ISKCON, their bogus, perverted and heretical concoctions will gain us naught but instead will infect and corrupt our great movement further. Let us hope and pray that they are not such low wretches to sleaze back into ISKCON and prove their defection was nothing but a sham. Let them prove not only to us, but to themselves, that their choice to commit such terrible guru aparadha to the one who gave them Krishna in the first place, was worth it. Let them prove Narayana Maharaja is the great soul both he and they claim he is, by staying loyal to him after he dies. After all, Narayana Maharaja is the self-proclaimed Raga Acharya of the world, why wouldn’t they?

Or will they see that the ISKCON they deserted is the only gravy train they have left, and come sleazing back only to take more advantage of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON, knowing that once Narayana Maharaja dies, the bun fight between the Indian and Western devotees that ensues will leave them with nothing. The Indians will always win, as it is their land and they know how to get what they want in India. No doubt we will see them come slithering back to the bosom of ISKCON, knowing they can easily feed off ISKCON like a tick feeds on the blood of its host.

So many defectors from ISKCON have taken spiritual shelter of gurus outside of ISKCON and have left Srila Prabhupada, but they still hang around ISKCON to try and get work, as their own gurus have nothing for them. So let us see what the disciples of Narayana Maharaja do when he dies. Have they created a society that will stand the test of time?

Should the traitorous ‘offer’ the demoniac GBC members who covertly met with their vis-à-vises in the Narayana Maharaja camp late last year be taken up, we in ISKCON will be inundated with a terrible horde of parasitic scavengers who will create noxious schisms within our society of such epic proportions to make the infestation of the Kirtanananda filth like Radhanath seem like a bad case of Herpes. These traitorous Sannyasis, who will be immediately Rubber Stamped as Gurus in their own right and given carte blanche to preach far and wide their sanctimonious so-called elevated raga blabber, sucking in the sentimental fools of the Kali yuga.

But won’t the old charlatan Gopi Bhava Groupies of ISKCON be drooling with feigned ecstatic conjugal bliss as they join arm in arm, hand in hand, with their traitorous gopi brothers and sing and dance their little hearts out, battering eyelids, thickly coated with mascara, pulling tight their gaudy Saris around their swaying manly hips, flicking their peyos braids as they twirl around in a macabre rasa cum hora circle dance.

I can’t wait to see what will happen, but I sincerely pray that all people that have left Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON to take shelter of gurus from other mathas prove to themselves that their defection was right by having the self worth, integrity and chastity to stay and help their adopted Guru with his mission and leave us alone.

Ananta Das