Krsnacandra Dasa – Vrndavan: Part Two began outlining the historical development of Philosophic thought as it pertains to the modern context of Geopolitics. This part develops the idea that Ethnoreligious influence is the prime force behind the Geopolitical sphere, particularly focusing on the Judaic or Jewish influence.

It is historic reference that the Christian Empire and the Islamic Empire were engaged in mass genocide and slaughter of millions of innocents, who each side deemed as either heretics or infidels respectively. This statement will hardly raise an eyebrow yet the fact that this dissertation is disclosing the Jewish participation in history may affect the sensibilities of sentimental readers to the point of being offended.  In the modern context it is not ‘politically correct’ to mention any seemingly negative influence or historic account of the Jewish people, however, history, particularly modern history, cannot be told unless their influence is discussed and any attempt to write history without mentioning their role in it is unintelligent and misleading.

For the sincere seeker of the truth, the Scientist or the Brahmin, it is imperative that one is able to take into consideration all aspects and influences that affect our existence. His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Vedic Scholar, Author and Founder of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness states:

“According to social conventions, it is said that one can speak the truth only when it is palatable to others. But that is not truthfulness. The truth should be spoken in a straightforward way, so that others will understand actually what the facts are. If a man is a thief and if people are warned that he is a thief; that is truth. Although sometimes the truth is unpalatable, one should not refrain from speaking it. Truthfulness demands that the facts be presented as they are for the benefit of others. That is the definition of truth.”

Abrahamic Religions World Domination Plans

All Abrahamic Religions have vied for world domination at one time or other achieving, however, only partial success. Ultimately all of their attempts ended in the failure of the Christian and Islamic Empires to totally subjugate the; Heathen (Christians) / Infidel (Muslims) / (Goyim – for the Jew). Simultaneously the Judaic or Jewish people, also believing that they are ‘the chosen ones’ were gradually using their wealth power and influence to systematically gain the upper hand in Geopolitics and World Domination. What the Jewish people lacked in population numbers they more than made up in financial backing and strategic planning.

Their success to date has been achieved by:

1.     Their almost total domination of the international financial sector through the ownership and control of the world banking institutions, business corporations and commerce.

2.     Through taking advantage of the Second World War they were able to realize their Biblical prophecy of gaining a homeland in Israel and due to the promotion of the ‘a priori’ Anti-Semitism polemic; fuelled by the ‘perceived threat’ of Adolf Hitler, were able to relocate and therefore gain access into most, if not all, Western countries that had previously banned their immigration. See here for more details.

3.     The apparently coerced Diaspora had the additional benefit of more easily being able to secure the necessary funds and support to relocate many of their people to their new homeland of Israel.

4.     Via the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx they were able to gain control of the non Western Countries; including Russia and China, who are ‘main players’ on the Geopolitical sphere. However, they were yet to gain control over the West. To this end they began a very intelligent and systematic infiltration of Western Academia beginning in Germany, eventually spreading to England and the United States of America.

World domination has always been about Ethnoreligious supremacy. In the Vedic era the Kings were Kings of the world and according to Vedic history the world has been dominated by Vedic rule and it is only with the decline of Vedic India that we find the Abrahamic Religions attempts at world domination. Through control of commerce, finance and strategic manipulation of the political sphere, in particular Communism, the Jewish people were able to gain an extremely powerful hold on the Geopolitical ‘superstructural’ orientation of the powerful Western Countries of the world.

The infusion of the Frankfurt School Social Engineers ideologies and Cultural Communistic agenda into Western Academia had a devastatingly powerful affect on the formation of a new age of thinking and aided in the creation of a new set of increasingly permissive and liberalistic social mores / laws that shaped the future development of Western Countries. The main Marxist Communist players (notably of Jewish ethnicity) in the Frankfurt School’s network of Social Engineers are as follows:

Georg Lukcas, whose idea of “who will save us from Western Culture” was born of the ideology of Nietzsche. Nietzsche wanted the philosophical outlook of man to be erased to the point, he speculated, existed before God existed. He wanted to roll back the ‘historical clock’ to a time past the great philosophers of the Greek civilization and the Abrahamic religions. He wanted that man’s perspective was based on a ‘tabula rasa’ or a blank slate where there was no concept of a God, which he believed limited mans evolution.

However, the Cultural Marxists (as well as Hitler and the Nazi’s) were interested only in how influential Nietzsche’s polemic was, in breaking down the Ideologies of Western culture, from its roots in a God centric, or – God created man and therefore it is ‘God’s will that must be done’ and replace it with the ‘polemic’ Atheistic or Impersonalist (Age of Reason) ideology of – “man evolved and so it is ‘man’s will’ that must be done.”

Theism and Judaic Thought

In order to understand the mind of the Judaic Social Engineer one must have some understanding of the theological point of reference for the ideological premises they are introducing into Western Thought.

The Abrahamic, God’s will, is based in the aphorisms of the Old Testament (Torah) which give scant and vague reference to the nature of God, the soul, consciousness and the afterlife. According to Abrahamic thought, God is not a person, as in the Indian Vedic personalist Scripture’s – Bhagavan, but; an unembodied force or will as given by the Vedic impersonalist Scripture’s – Brahman.

The Theistic tradition has two aspects the personal and impersonal aspect of God.

1.     The personal aspect of God (Bhagavan – Vedic) describes God as a person; who has form and attributes and is ‘transcendental’ to his creation. The oldest and only personalist school of thought is found in the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition of India, represented in modern times, by the Sanskrit Scholar and Acharya/Guru AC Bhaktivedanata Swami Srila Prabhupada.

2.     The impersonal aspect (Brahman – Vedic) which says that God exists is ‘immanent’ in his creation. That Godhead or the source of God is formless and is not a person, but; will, force and light. That any reference to God having personal attributes such as gender etc are metaphorical and not to be taken literally. The main adherents to this school of thought are, for the purpose of this paper, the Abrahamic Religions.

The modern day Marxist Communistic Judaic authors or the Humanistic School of Social Science’s understanding of God can better be described as Pantheism. Pantheism comes from the Greek which is the worship of God as ‘Nature’. Pan means ‘all’ and Theism means ‘God’. Pantheism rejects the idea of a God which exists in ‘transcendence’ (Godhead) or that God has a ‘personality’. It believes that; logic or reason is ‘a prior’ (hypothesis not based on fact) postulate within the mind of man, since God is immanent to his creation, and therefore cannot exist separately as a person with a gender, form or personality.  God created the world. God created man. God and Nature is one. God and man are one. God is one.

The Ancient Indian Vaisnava theology that the soul and God exists both; in ‘transcendence’ of this material manifestation and; is ‘immanent’ within the material manifestation. The Bhagavan aspect of God is in transcendence and is immanently manifested as Brahman within this material manifestation. Further that this knowledge is ‘transcendental’ to man’s perception and apprehension and can only be revealed via Scriptural injunction (sense data) so that man can ‘know’ God and his creation. This knowledge cannot be speculated by the process of negative critical theoretical dialectic, in other words, it is not in the purview of the speculative human mind/intelligence and is only ‘revealed’ to man via revelation from God or from his revealed Scripture.

The Judaic understanding of God, is that God is ‘immanent’, in his creation as the creator and that he also evolves (teshuva) as do we, in our consciousness, as he attempts to guide man to live in harmony with the earth, known as ‘tikkun olam’ or that God is in partnership with man. God and his creation is one. God is one. God is nature and nature is God. The idea that God is one is the same as the Vedic conception given by the Mayavadi Impersonalist School of thought that says that God is non-different to his creation.   This differs from the Vaisnava tradition that says that there is qualitative and quantitative difference between God, the soul (jivatma) and the material world. The ‘acintya abheda bedha tattva’ (simultaneously one and yet different) conception; where God and man (jivatma) are part and parcel of each other.  There is differentiation both qualitatively and quantitatively but God (Krishna) or Godhead is the supreme Person whilst the individual soul, jivatma, is a separated, eternally existent, atomic spark possessing similar attributes and qualities of God.

The Nature of the Soul

The soul, in Abrahamic thought is something ‘given’ by God. The Judaic view the soul has three parts, the nephesh, the ruach and the main aspect of the soul, the Neshamah, which is passed on via the mother at birth and so in order for the person to be a Jew, a full human being; they require to be born of a Jewish mother. Non Jews, or Goyim, do not possess the Neshamah aspect of the soul, but their soul only consists of the other two components; nephesh (body and mind) and ruach (morality). A person is not ‘a soul’ as is given in the Vedic literature of Ancient India, but, they ‘have’ a soul. The Vedic system states that the person is a soul, jiva atma, and is a conscious part and parcel of God. Whereas the Judaic (Abrahamic) system believes that God gives man their soul.

This ideology forms the basic thesis of the Judaic distinction of man. The belief, that only a child of a Jewish mother is a ‘full’ human being in possession of the full complements that comprise a human soul can truly know God. Therefore that ‘partnership’ that God has with man is only for the Jewish people who have been given the ‘Neshamah’ by God and subsequently only they can know him and his plan.

The Judaic philosophers believe in a ‘heaven on earth’ ideology when the pure ones (Jews) who have fulfilled the Mosaic Laws will be resurrected and live on an earth ruled by their King or Messiah who comes in the line of King David. Their objective is to understand that God is in man and that man is in God, ‘tikkun olam’.

Once a person realizes this they can understand that man’s goal is to master the ‘game of life’ that is God’s creation and therefore understand that God is really found in man’s perfected Judaic social interactions under Mosaic Law and therefore live in peace and harmony ruling the earth in the Messianic time. Ultimately only a person born of a Jewish mother may enter into these pastimes and be resurrected in the Messianic time for it is only through them that God has given the right to rule the world.

They believe that in order for there to be a peaceful world then the Jewish people will live under the law of the Torah and rule and that the non Jewish, or Goyim, need to live under the shelter of the Laws of Noah or the Noahide Law and serve.

Until the coming of Moses the Semitic people lived under the Noahide Laws until God gave Moses the Torah to guide those who were present at that historic meeting. The Semites who began following Moses under the auspices of the Torah eventually differentiated into modern day Muslims Christians and Jews.

The Judaic Social Engineer’s mission is to organize the Geopolitical sphere in order that the Messianic time is hastened. The idea of tikkun olam as a movement is to heal the earth and by healing the earth it means that mankind must also be healed by coming into line with God’s will. In order for this to be accomplished the non Jewish people, or goys need to also fit into God’s plan which is; One God and one Religion (Judaic), One King and Government, One monetary system etc.

Their understanding is that since we do not possess the neshamah or divine spark that connects us to God and affords man the ability to understand and relate to God we cannot understand God’s will and therefore plan. Further that since we were not the chosen people hailing from the Time of Moses, we do not have the guidance of the Mosaic Law, Torah and its corollaries the Talmud, Kabbalah etc, which are the word of God and therefore over the last several thousand years we being ignorant of Gods will and laws, have organized cultures that are not congruent with the Torah.

The Judaic Dialectical Philosophers objective is to construct verbose sophistic theorems that are based on their impersonal ideology that explain the nature of existence and consciousness that once acculturated into Academic thought will form a bridge between; the Goyim’s misconceptions and the Jewish peoples truth, in order to bring the (goy) into line with the goys actual purpose, as creations of God.

Their idea of a non personal God who could only be known by his ‘works’ was taken up by the Humanistic Schools of Thought that was further refined by Secularism to the point where the very idea of a God was taken out of the educative process leaving only his ‘work’ to be knowable.

Any idea that God possessed form and personality is strongly rejected by Judaic and Abrahamic religious belief even though his form and personality have been described in the Old Testament and Torah. However, only this aspect of God, which limits God to; force, will or light, is to be accepted as factual and any reference contrary to this belief is to be considered metaphorical.

The idea that God is limited, without personality and form, is rejected by the Vaisnava Theology of Ancient India. The Abrahamic faith refers to God having emotions such as; anger, wrath, hate, love, compassion, jealousy etc which are symptoms of a person, someone with a personality which is evidenced by His very personal interactions with his followers. In the Vaisnava tradition God cannot be limited and He fully reveals His form and personal attributes which are accepted as revealed fact as opposed to metaphorical statements from a disembodied impersonal entity.

The removal of God from the Academic process in both the Western and Communist cultures more easily leant itself to being surreptitiously replaced by an understanding of God from the Judaic impersonal perspective that they are now acculturating into the fields of Science, Art, literature etc that is linked to their impersonal understanding of consciousness and an immanent God.

With the increase of the Dialectical schools of thought, there arose the necessity for a dialectic which explained the nature of consciousness and being. As the Abrahamic religions did not have sufficient Scriptural reference and explanation for consciousness and the existence of God they found the need to modernize their philosophical dialectic to be able to justify their various Scriptural injunctions and so their Theologians/Rabbis Scholars etc began to explain their doctrines in the particular contemporary philosophic ideologies of the time.

The Judaic Theologians even though they had developed a very sophisticated dialectic with regards to the philosophic explanation of existence, found that the Christian and Islamic Religions had a powerful grip on their Empires and that Capitalism had an even stronger grip on the psyche of man. Over the centuries the Judaic Theologians and Philosophers began to gain greater influence on the developing fields of Natural Science and Philosophy as their impersonalistic / man centric interpretations of their Scriptures began to challenge and breakdown the God centric interpretations of the other Religions.

The Darwinian Theory of Evolution of species, which not being based on any substantial empirical evidence, offers the same polemic postulate that the ‘God concept’ evolved along with man, as an evolutionary survival technique, as opposed to the historic; ‘God created man’ ideology. That there was design without a designer even though they themselves were ‘designing’ or creating their own hypothesis of existence that was based on mere speculative theorizing with the expectation that their sophistic argument be accepted as ‘a priori’.

“The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion” (Karl Marx).

At best Darwinian evolutionary theory could be described as a Humanistic Biological Science which is an ‘a priori’ idea and not an empirically positivistic scientific fact. However, is serves as a pseudo scientific link to bridge the ‘illogical gap’ between Empirical Science and the developing field of Humanistic Social Science.   Evolution Theory is yet another pseudo scientific Humanistic theory that has been accepted into Academia to assist in the erosion of God within the Western Societies. Societies which have not developed under the Mosaic Law of the Torah and so they are societies that need to be broken down and degraded to allow the Abrahamic God of the Torah to assert his will and domination of mankind.

“Natural science will in time incorporate into itself the science of man, just as the science of man will incorporate into itself natural science: there will be one science” (Karl Marx)

The Frankfurt School authors constructed their ideological platform on the basis of the specious philosophical speculations of the past ‘Age of Reason’ philosophers and established their Cultural Marxist Communistic Manifesto and set about to breakdown the Western Cultural hold on the minds and hearts of the peoples of Europe and then the United States of America.

The Contextual Basis of the Frankfurt School Authors

The members of the Frankfurt School were of German Jewish ethnoreligious orientation; who were Neo Marxist Communists that were developing stratagems to break down the Western Capitalistic Societies in order to introduce Communistic ideologies into the Western mind set. The Geopolitical sphere had over the last millennia developed into a sophisticated God centric Feudal Monarchic Patriarchal Society. The advent of the Industrial Revolution brought Capitalism to the forefront of Western Society which had become increasingly Capitalistic in orientation. This was further fuelled by the Post Industrial Revolution ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ that had the added effect of increasing societal unity and their sense of national pride. The sum of which, produce a powerful unified Western Society which was counterproductive to the Judaic Marxist Communistic agenda.

The Judaic Philosophers analysed the system and found that the only way to break down the various God centric societies was to turn the people of the Western Cultures against their leaders. Therefore they developed the Communist Manifesto which pitted the working and peasant class against the upper or ruling class.

The Frankfurt School

An influential contributor to the Frankfurt Schools establishment was Georg Lukacs a very intelligent Hungarian born Jewish intellectual whose work contributed largely to the establishment of Marxist thought and practice in Western Academia. Lukacs being a political activist believed that the re-education of children was more suited to promoting change within society so it was in Hungary when he became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary in 1919; that Lukacs launched what became known as “Cultural Terrorism.”

Lukacs successfully introduced into the Hungarian schooling system a radical sex education program where children were instructed in free love and sex, that middle-class family codes were archaic as was monogamy and how religion deprives man of all pleasures. Women, too, were called to rebel against the sexual mores of the time. Lukacs’s campaign of “Cultural Terrorism” was a precursor to what Political Correctness would later bring to American schools.

Political Correctness as an ideology in Western thought arose from the teachings of the Frankfurt School which originated in Frankfurt Germany as the ‘Institute for Social Research’ and transferred to New York North America in 1935 and became associated with Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis and Berkeley Universities. The Frankfurt School (Frankfurt School of Social Research) was based on a ‘blend’ of Communistic and Marxist ideologies and it was not so much of a school but a ‘think tank’ of Social Theorists who had a tremendous impact and influence within the Academic world.

The Communists of Russia being Marxist in philosophical orientation found that it was impossible to break down the Western Capitalistic ideological mindset by manipulating the working class, Proletariat, to revolt against the establishment. The Western Working Class and Middle Class, led by the ruling elite, were very attached to reaping rewards from their affluent capitalistic lifestyles to see the need to change.

However the Frankfurt School members holding ideologies that were formed from ‘Hegelian’ thought found that Religion formed the predominate superstructural support of Western societies, and that in order to breakdown the dependence of the members of a society on the religious based political power of the ruling elite, change would not come from breaking the control of the economics of the ruling elite, it would come from turning the people away from their traditional cultural and religious roots. They believed that religious thought had a ‘pre rational’ hold on the mindset of the masses which lent itself to social solidarity. A united society comprised of united patriarchal families would prove impossible for the Communistic thought to prevail in any shape or form.

So too would the members of Government who were basically God fearing Capitalistic men who staunchly upheld laws and values systems that were primarily religious of nature and supported educational policies and ethos that would challenge the Judaic Social Engineers ideologies. If they were to be able to break these leaders hold on the people by influencing the children and youth of society to rebel against the establishment they would be able to break the hold that religion had on society,

Therefore they began developing theories that had purely political agendas. They began merging the Psychoanalysis of Freudian thought with Communistic thought. The prime objective of the Frankfurt School; was to merge Psychoanalytical thought and process, with that of the new cultural Marxist agenda. The Frankfurt School authors created a technique that blended the Communistic manifesto with the Psychoanalytic thought of, Sigmund Freud, which they believed would prove to be highly effective in corrupting the youth of Western Nations.

The main disruptive force behind Freudian thought is that it focuses the individual on sexual matters. The traditional Western Society viewed sexuality and sexual issues as a private intimate concern whereas the new Freudian methodology brought sex into the open. No longer were sexual issues the responsibility of the family and parents it was now included as topic for study and discussion in the various higher educational institutions.

Freud made a philosophical science what nature and the Ancient Vedic knowledge already knew, that all life is driven by sex desire. The Vedic conclusion is that sex desire is there but what is needed is a culture that assists its members to control and restrain these innate desires and drives through the proper mores and values of the society.

Freud proposed something that Ancient God centric culture and empirical science already knew. The only difference was that he took a natural law of nature and dissected it, turning it into a pseudo science. A science that made instinctual sex drive into a matter that concerned professionals and no longer a matter for the family or culture. It was now considered a disease that needed to be treated by trained professionals.

The Frankfurt School Authors knowing full well that in normal biological development youth were going through a period of high sex drive and experimentation and the public coeducational educational institutions of America were the breeding grounds for creating a sexually permissive youth. They knowingly made sex popular. They made it a profession.

Normalizing sex and sexuality in the public or Academic scene has a twofold purpose; it not only focused the youth’s attention on sex, it encouraged and increased the need for the youth to experiment sexually.

The Freudian thought claimed that sexual dysfunction began in the home. It posits that the child is a sexual entity from the infantile stage and that both the mother and the father play pivotal roles in a child’s unhealthy sexual development. They claim that children are sexually attracted and subsequently confused by the parent of the opposite sex. In girls it is termed ‘Oedipus Complex’ and in boys it is termed ‘Electra Complex’. The children go on to repress these desires and feelings which can lead to sexually dysfunctional behaviour.

By claiming that the main cause of pathological behaviour was the family unit they began breaking down the hold that the family and the parents in particular had on their children. No more was the family seen as the safe place for the child as it was now being seen as a breeding ground for deviance and depravity, a place where the child becomes confused by their instinctual sexual feelings for, and response to, their parents.

They pointed the accusatory finger at how they believed it was the Western Society being suppressive of sexuality due to its archaic Religious mores, which further impacted on the repressed individual to create deviant behaviour and criminality in the members of that society. They began indoctrinating Academia and the youth into believing that it is only through the full expression of these repressed urges and instinctual sexuality could Society be healed. The youth needed to start a sexual revolution that would free them from the shackles of the Fascist Authoritarian Culture and the redundant family structure.

The youth being inexperienced and naive of worldly matters were the best target for the Cultural Marxists. They would readily listen to their Teachers and Professors and are easily manipulated by older and seemingly wiser adults who held positions of authority in established and accredited schools.

The teachers and professors would also be easily manipulated by the seemingly intelligent and insightful presentations and dissertations being espoused by the very intelligent and cunningly worded manifestos of the various Cultural Marxists authors, authors whose intention was not to help society but to destroy its very moral fibre from within.

Their aims was to use a non science such as Psychoanalysis, which is a nonempirically based hermeneutic pseudo science, as a vehicle to base their infiltration into Academic thought and sought to influence the members of Western society to accept their Communistic agenda and therefore unknowingly aid them in the destruction of the Western capitalistic mindset. The infamous chant of Campus students “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Culture’s got to Go” stands as stark testimony to their effectiveness and success.

The empirically based Sociological sciences do not accept the highly speculative ideas of the Frankfurt School authors who rejected the empirical processes of; experimentation, falsification, quantification and verification. The Frankfurt Schools Secular Humanist Cultural Marxist ideology rejected Empirical Sociology and developed ideologies that were based on an ‘immanent’ or human centric pseudoscientific process by merging sociology with Freudian based psychology.

The Inner Circle of Freud’s Think Tank was extremely influential in the development of Psychoanalysis as a mainstream psychotherapeutic system and widely taught in all Universities of the Western World. Today millions of Americans feel the need to seek Psychotherapy for any mental ailment that afflicts them.

The Marxist agenda to merge Freudian Psychoanalysis into the Cultural Communistic agenda of the Frankfurt School authors proved highly successful. The American people readily took to the perceived help that Psychotherapy brought them as well as readily adopted the Judaic Cultural Communistic ideologies into their modern Western Society.

The infiltration of the Frankfurt School authors into prestigious Universities enabled them to gradually introduce their Judaic based thought into the Academic world and convert many of the Empirically based Social and Natural Sciences to their ‘new age’ non empirical and highly speculative Humanist pseudoscience.

The Frankfurt Schools Connection to Universities in the UK and US

As Director of the Frankfurt School Horkheimer was the person who financed and managed  the various Jewish intellectuals who where its authors as they set up their affiliations with the Western Academic via the development of Schools of thought in the most prestigious and influential Universities of the West. These were Oxford in England – Princeton / Columbia / Cambridge and Berkeley in the US.

Theodor Adorno first went to Oxford University England where he collaborated with other Jewish authors such as Ernst Bloch who was a liberalist author who was very influential in the Student Protest era of 1968. Bloch then immigrated to the US to join others in Cambridge University, where he worked on the Liberation Theology which was a Marxist Christian thought which targeted Christians and attempted to explain Religion through the eyes of the poor.

Bloch joined with Adorno’s other colleague Walter Benjamin another German Jewish intellectual who also transferred to Oxford University England and then immigrated to the US in 1937 to join Adorno at Columbia University where they worked with Paul Lazarsfeld, the founder of modern communications research, on the Princeton Radio Research for three years, Adorno then moved to Los Angeles.

It was the writings of both Benjamin and Adorno that greatly influenced the ‘Politically Correct’ polemic although Adorno received the public credit Benjamin was in fact the main theorist behind this false doctrine of the Marxist Communist agenda to aid in the destruction of Western culture.

By the commencement of the Second World War the Frankfurt School was well established in both the UK and especially the US.

The impression given by most historians that relocation/immigration of Jewish; Intellectuals, Social Theorists and Scientists was due to persecution by Nazi’s in Germany.  Yet individuals ranging from; Horkheimer and Adorno, the Freudian Inner circle, and various Scientists such as; Einstein, Edward Teller, Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Otto Stern, Victor Weisskopf, Hans Bethe, and Lise Meitner moved freely and with intent to and fro from Europe and America, and were in fact, welcomed by the US and UK Academia and Governments. This occurrence does not lend credence to the interpretations given by the Historians of this era.

The fact that they were allowed more or less carte blanche access to Academic and Scientific fields, coupled with the obvious and influential impact that these individuals had, both collectively and individually on American Society and way of life as Judaic Cultural Marxist Communists; leaves the question of whether or not this was an intentional and deliberate infiltration…

End of Part Three: Geopolitics – Globalization

In Part Four I will discuss the various ‘Schools of Thought’ that the Frankfurt School created or endorsed in its ‘War on the West’ agenda. This is well documented historical fact and the onus is on followers of Srila Prabhupada to understand that we have all been influenced in some way by the simple fact that we have grown up and have been educated in a system that is greatly influenced by ideologies that have been acculturated into our schools and social systems.