Kṛṣṇacandra Dāsa – Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham: Indradyumna Swami has finally removed some of the more lewd photos of little girls and young women in bikinis from his public photo collections on his personal Facebook account. His reasoning for doing so is yet to be revealed, however the fact that they have been selectively removed is quite possibly indicative of the pressure being placed upon him from public outrage. However, one would sincerely hope and pray that it is from the realization that he is in a fallen state of consciousness which needs to be rectified.

One simply has to observe the history of any such fallen devotees to see the glaring signs and symptoms of fall down over the years. Umapati for one was a well known practicing Homosexual but as long as there was no pressure from the community of devotees, his debauched behaviour was ignored. What did the personal servants of these debauchers silently witness and cover up over the decades…? How is it possible for those who witnessed such debauchery to reconcile in their conscience and heart what they witnessed and how could they keep this inside themselves and not speak out if not for the good of others then for the good of their gurudev?

Indradyumna Swami is well known for his affection of cute pretty little girls. The parents of these children offer their little darlings to him with open arms. The Swami on the other hand is always eager to accept their children with open arms – well from the photographic evidence he only likes the cute ones…

As the years rolled on he began, as witnessed in his photographic collection, to take seemingly gratuitous photographs of predominately pretty little girls in various states of undress and the parents are blissfully unaware of any impropriety in his behaviour and are seemingly able to reconcile the natural parental protectiveness for their children by allowing this man access to their children simply because he is in the garb of a Sannyāsa and holds an institutionally contrived position of a guru.

The usual misconception is “He is gurudev therefore he is a pure devotee he can do no wrong” or “He is showing so much mercy to my child” or “We are so fortunate that a member of the renounced order [Sannyāsa] is paying attention to our darling daughter.”

The natural tendency of a disciple is to blindly defend their Guru’s activities and subsequently their own personal reasoning why they took initiation from him in the first place. This is a natural defence mechanism of the conditioned soul trapped in māyā’s illusionary grip attempting to rationalize their decision. Which is incredulous when you come to think of it, as their guru promised to free them from illusion but is instead ended up putting them into deeper illusion by cheating them into believing that their activities, no matter how degraded, are Kṛṣṇa conscious.

They reason that a ‘dīkṣā guru’ is a ‘pure devotee’ sent by Lord Kṛṣṇa to deliver the fallen conditioned souls; the GBC has ‘voted’ their guru into the position of an initiating dīkṣā guru and therefore must be considered as a pure devotee and Vaiṣṇava guru. Therefore the natural conclusion is that a pure devotee can do no wrong and as it is wrong to ‘judge’ the activities of a pure devotee of the Lord as their guru stands above accountability and any attempt to make them accountable is to be considered Vaiṣṇava aparādha.

Thus when they witness or hear anything that would seemingly contradict their ‘notion’ of a pure devotee/śuddha bhakta/dīkṣā guru in their mind they rationalize what they have witnessed or have been told; to make it fit into their world view. They construct in their minds a rationale in order to reconcile what they know is wrong with what they have been made to think is right. A pure devotee can do no wrong therefore nothing that my guru does is wrong even though this conflicts with their sensibilities and moral code.

The assumption is: Even though my guru is physically affectionate to pretty little girls and takes photos of them in bikinis, which goes against everything that I know of common decency and the Sannyāsa Ashram, he is after all a pure devotee and an ISKCON Guru thus he is above the modes of material nature. Therefore it does not matter what activities he is involved in as we cannot understand the mind and actions of such an exalted soul.

Disciple: “Okay so Gurudev has taken pictures of topless little girls on the beach in their bikinis but he is doing this for preaching prabhu… He is so merciful and preaches tirelessly throughout the European continent and is giving Kṛṣṇa consciousness to thousands of people!”

Devotee: “But why so many pictures of random little girls and young women in bikinis which have no obvious bearing on preaching prabhu? Surely he can do this preaching without the photos of little girls in bikinis?”

Disciple: “God works in mysterious ways prabhu and please be careful not to offend the pure devotee prabhuji”

Devotee: “To many people and devotees, the taking of this type of photography would be seen as soft pornography and is therefore amoral.”

Disciple: “Prabhu how dare you offend my Gurudev! You aparadhi! I will kill you!”

Devotee: “I am sorry to offend you but I simply do not understand your reasoning?”

Disciple: “Please forgive me prabhu it is just when you speak like this you are offending the pure devotee of the Lord… Prabhupāda’s disciple!”

Devotee: “Prabhu, please tell me do you have children?”

Disciple: “Yes, three. One boy, two girls, the boy is ten and I have 7 year old twin girls.”

Devotee: “Very nice prabhu! Prabhu would you allow anyone to take photos of your twin girls topless in bikinis and post them on a public website like Facebook?”

Disciple: “I will kill you!”

Sure accidental falldown is a reality for those of us who are aspiring Vaiṣṇavas but when it is of such a wholescale proportion like it is with Indradyumna Swami’s Photo collection [before it was censored] one has no option but to considered this behaviour as habitual and systemic rather than accidental. This is pure intentionality on his part and not random acts of kindness and affection to fallen conditioned souls.

Indradyumna’s disciples will never use the censored photos photo album to show their Grandparents or their friends while proudly proclaiming them as the glorious preaching activities of their beloved guru Mahārāja. The other photos, singled out, could be taken as preaching activities like any scenes showing Hari Nama or scenes which depict book distribution etc but semi naked girls and women in bikinis can never be singled out as a ‘theme’ and made into a collection. Think about what kind of person would have such a collection? Would a Vaiṣṇava Ācārya have such a collection? Surely most moral people or religious people would consider it something verging on soft core pornography? I believe most moral people would make the very same distinction.

The important question is – how come the disciples cannot make this distinction? To the rational mind and proper intelligence it is not possible to reconcile the activities of their guru with any moral or spiritual code. Yet somehow the disciple’s natural defence mechanism ‘kicks in’ which ensures that they don’t see the wrong in their guru’s actions or activities against their better judgement. They thus enter a state of denial where no reason or falsifiable evidence can make any difference to their choices. They can in this state of delusion commit heinous and violent crimes against those who they believe are attacking them or their gurus.

They do not want to be disillusioned… They want to remain in illusion for it is better than facing the fact that the choices they have made have been wrong. Their guru is not a pure devotee even though the GBC has appointed them as such and their fellow ‘illusionites’ worship them and chant their guru’s glories.

When someone is in such a state of denial, especially if that person is denying the truth of the actual status of their guru, they are enabling their guru to stay in the state of illusion. Who will help this poor wretched soul then? Not the GBC or their so called peers or friends. They all desire that the abhorrent behaviour is covered up.

It must be made very clear to all of us that a dīkṣā guru is one who has seen Kṛṣṇa and is therefore divinely inspired and directed and they would never walk along a beach and take photos of anyone in that state of undress what to speak of little girls. Even an aspiring kannistha adhikāra devote would never be in such illusion…

To rationalize abhorrent behaviour into a hypothesis that a ‘pure devotee can do no wrong” is a very illogical state of mind for a person to have. This is especially true for the aspiring Vaiṣṇava devotee of the Lord.

Devotee: “ Prabhu did you read the article about Indradyumna Swami on the website Prabhupāda Vision?”

Disciple: “No I haven’t and will never read such lies about my gurudev! This person is the worst type of aparadhi and will burn in hell. How dare he say such things about the pure devotee!”

Devotee: “But prabhu the pictures don’t lie… They say a picture tells a thousand words…”

Disciple: “This Krsnacandra is a demon who only speaks lies. No one should read anything this demon says!”

Devotee: “Prabhu please calm down. You are a very intelligent person, you have degrees behind your name and why do you behave this way?”

Disciple: “I am sorry but I have to defend my Gurudeva”

Devotee: “Even if he is wrong?”

Disciple: “Arrggghhhh I will kill you!”

It is not too late for honesty and I sincerely pray that Indradyumna Swami seeks the aspect of his heart that is sincere. The aspect of his heart that still remembers Śrīla Prabhupāda and how he initially surrendered his heart in service to the pure devotee His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Śrīla Prabhupāda and may find his way back again to his His Divine Grace’s lotus feet.

The following photos show how Indradyumna Swami is more the ‘family man’ than the Sannyāsa. If he is not able to actually renounce this attachment in this life he will have to begin again in his next life where he perhaps will not be so fortunate…

These photos perhaps show this devotee’s love of children [girls] as has been witnessed by the passage time – a ‘love’, if it is not pathological, that is more appropriately expressed in the Grhastha Ashram rather than the Sannyāsa Ashram.

However due to his taking the renounced order of life it is obvious that he has repressed his inner desires which has the potential to produce pathological tendencies and activities. This is a very real concern as this can lead to gross sexual fall down / child sexual abuse which is a heinous criminal offence.

Given the nature of the photographs in his collections for the protection of the children an independent investigation should be conducted to ascertain if these girls are at risk.

However, if he is in fact simply playing out a fantasy of being a father then in his old age he should perhaps reconsider his vow and attempt to live the life he would if he was honest with himself.

Or he should take his vow seriously and actually renounce. But this has perhaps gone for far too long and his false ego will quite possible be too attached in fame and admiration for him to be this honest in his life.

However should he continue to cheat his disciples he needs to be forced to give up his sannyāsa order and his guruship as soon as possible.

Devotee: “Prabhu, why did you come to Kṛṣṇa consciousness?”

Disciple: “I came due to the mercy of my gurudev.”

Devotee: “What about Śrīla Prabhupāda?”

Disciple: “Oh yes he is a pure devotee.”

Devotee: “Prabhu did you also come to Kṛṣṇa consciousness because you desired to know the truth and to learn how to free yourself from the clutches of māyā or illusion?”

Disciple: “Yes, gurudev teaches us how to free ourselves from the illusionary energy of Kṛṣṇa – māyā, by chanting the Holy Names of the Lord.”

Devotee: “You are familiar with the analogy ‘the cheaters and the cheated’?

Disciple: “Yes gurudev has spoken at length about this and how we must break free from the clutches of māyā in order not to be cheated.”

Devotee: “Prabhu my hands are sore from playing the Mrdanga in this Hari Nama, there is a little girl over there who is smiling at our party can you please take my camera and get a close up of her for my Facebook preaching album?”

Disciple: “Who that little girl with the blue bikini on?”

Devotee: “Yes Prabhu, the one with no top on. She is the perfect example of our preaching activities and would help spread the word of the glories of your gurudev.”

Disciple: “I am not sure Prabhu… Are you sure you can’t use your camera?”

Devotee: “I would if I could Prabhu but quickly for the Hari Nama party is moving past them soon.”

Disciple: “I am sorry Prabhu I cannot go up to that little girl and take a photo of her in front of her parents what would they think I was doing?”

Devotee: “No problems they would love their child to be photographed! Now go quickly!”

Disciple: “Prabhuji I cannot do this. What will people think if they saw me taking a photo of a near naked little girl on the beach? I am too embarrassed to do this sevā for you prabhuji”

Devotee: “Prabhu don’t worry about that you are preaching prabhu!”

Disciple: “Prabhuji please don’t ask this of me.”

Devotee: “Oh don’t worry your gurudev has taken some photos of her now.”

Disciple: “All glories to Gurudev!”

Devotee: “Prabhu you have no problems with your gurudev taking the photo of the little girl when you could not?”

Disciple: “What?”

Devotee: “I said…”

Disciple: “Prabhu! Please be careful not to offend the pure devotee!”

Devotee: “Please I mean no offence I am just trying to understand… Is it wrong or is it right to take such a photo? If you couldn’t do it then why is it right that your gurudev took that photo?”

Disciple: “We cannot understand the activities of the pure devotee and you have better be careful not to make an offence by questioning my gurudev’s activities prabhu.”

Devotee: “But you cannot tell me that it is right that he is taking photos of semi naked little girls on the beach when you won’t… If it was right when your gurudev does it, then you should have had no qualms in taking that photo?”

Disciple: “What?”

Devotee: “I said…”

Disciple: “I know what you said prabhuji! But if you say one more word I will kill you!”