Nitai Dāsa – UK:  After reading Suvarna Manjari Devī Dāsī’s article (Blowing his Own Trumpet) on the latest clown (with the trumpet) of FISKCON, I just had to write to express my sheer amazement as to how far this ‘spiritual’ hypocrisy can go. The next reason why I write in is that  exposing this stupid mans menu made him remove it from his website ‘about’ page and have his menu password protected! Ha! The power of the press! Thankfully Prabhupāda Vision pasted it onto Suvarna Manjari Devī Dāsī’s article for the record!

This fellow is really unbelievable!! I must say that this is a perfect example of false ego, narcissism, and delusion going unchecked, either by himself, or by his authority. Instead of working on removing these unfavorable people, enjoying and controlling lower natures, this fellow is frenzy-feeding them.

I guess he is teaching us by example; of WHAT NOT TO DO,…sadly, however is the fact, that due to his intoxication from it, he thinks that he is doing just fine.

Another interesting point about this fellow is the fact that he holds the position of a GBC Deputy. Since anyone that knows him, are telling that he has absolutely no managerial aptitude whatsoever. They are kindly saying that he is a little slow, bit mentally retarded.

We have to ask our self`s; why would our exalted leaders appoint this clown like individual to such an important position, this is especially so since he lacks any qualification whatsoever?

Over the years I heard many Srila Prabhupada disciples jokingly talking about the GBC as a JEWBC. Due to my naivety at the time, I found such humor quite distasteful. However, after checking out Ekalavya`s personal website, and his rambling self importance, and high opinion of his Jewish background, I have to reconsider the (truthful) jokes about the JEW-BC. This is especially so, since the only qualification for this fellow to hold the position of the GBC Deputy is his Jewish Background. AND NOTHING ELSE!!! Oh yeah he plays the Trumpet…

Ekalavya past was similar to his śikṣā guru and fellow Jewish Guru Radhanath Swami (Mouth Organist) – Jewish kid grown up in the states. Maybe he and Radhanath Swami could do a duo act?

“After some time, this Swami P had an affair with his female secretary and I became a little disenchanted with the Shivites.  However, in retrospect, I feel that it was a beneficial experience for me.”  []

He became a little disenchanted with his Shivaite Guru when the guru had an affair with his secretary and I wonder what he became after his bogus ISKCON guru Lokananth Swami lustily chased and pawed a little 12 year old girl in her own home. I suppose he ran into the ever waiting arms of his śikṣā guru Radhanath Swami.

There is one interesting pattern that is emerging here. Like Radhanth (Rabbinath Swami) during his interviews on the American TV; this individuals (Ekalavya etc) are all riding the Jewish background wave, it does make me wonder why that is?