Chaitanya Dāsa – USA: I`m writing this letter in regards to Laxmimoni devi dasi (JBD) aka Linda Hickey, twisted and evil little woman who under her “care” repeatedly and violently abused innocent Vaishnavi children.  Unfortunately, her understanding of the ‘under her care concept’, is polar opposite to the understanding of a normal and emotionally healthy, mature, loving, and caring woman or mother.

Even the common and decent karmis, understands the meaning of ‘under your care’ better, than the so called female ‘devotee’ Laxmimoni devi dasi.

care (kâr)


1. A burdened state of mind, as that arising from heavy responsibilities; worry:

2. Mental suffering; grief:

3. An object or source of worry, attention, or solicitude:

4. Caution in avoiding harm or danger:


a. Close attention; painstaking application:

b. Upkeep; maintenance:

6. Watchful oversight

7. Attentive assistance or treatment to those in need:

v. cared, car·ing, cares


1. To be concerned or interested:

2. To provide needed assistance:

As a principal and ashram manager Laxmimoni did construe her own meaning of care for innocent devotee children whilst practically and efficiently implementing her violent daily dose of cold and ruthless “care” to little innocent and helpless devotee girls.

Laxmimoni`s “care” for the little girls consisted of neglect, physical torture, constant monstrous emotional and psychological abuse etc. Her former students vividly remember her evil ways even today. Testimony of Laxmimoni`s girls are available at:

All the abuse, took place with the help and protection of her husband Jagadisha dasa/swami, who was the ISKCON minister of education, and so she was able to implement systematic corporal punishment techniques all the while being protected by the ISKCON gurukula system. (Against instructions of Śrīla Prabhupāda who instructed them not to beat and torture the children) After Jagadeesha `s disappearance from the scene (blooping), his infamous sycophantic disciple Braja Bihari dasa took over and continued the same abusive educational system for quite some time.

Consequently, over the years a few girls did start to speak up about the sheer explicit terror that they had to endure in Laxmimoni’s schools. Terror of; forcible eating of days old ‘Prasadam’, forcing little girls who soiled their panties to wear then on their head for the duration of the day, constant belittling and denigration by calling them little whores, forcing some of the more attractive 12-16 years girls to wear bikinis sending them to dip with older men in hot tubs (donors who were generous with the money for the school) etc.

Recently, in hopes to protect herself, and most importantly her many positions within the institution that she is holding, Laxmimoni is quietly and privately writing feeble letters of apology to some former students of hers that were abuse while under her ‘care’. {Revision – This is specially relevant if, as it is claimed, that she is looking into opening a new school in Alachua  US, that she would do some preemptive damage control}

Maybe this is some type of remorse she is feeling or maybe it is only because she fears that she is soon to be exposed by her old students that she is making this pathetic effort.

If in fact Laxmimoni d.d. is truly sincere and serious with the idea that she would like to be forgiven for her decades of brutal and cruel abuse to Vaisnavi children, there is only one way to go about it and that is the proper way.

  • Publicly and immediately resign from all positions within the institution, especially the ones that are connected to the ISKCON Education; namely M.E.D-Ministry for Educational Development, Dean of students in radhadesh etc.
  • Publicly admit that under you care the abuse did happened
  • Publicly accept responsibility for the abuse you committed
  • Publicly and sincerely beg the girls to forgive you, for all the abuse you committed

However should Laxmimoni`s fail to comply with these simple and straightforward requests, it will only confirm that her private letters of so called remorse are only cheap lip service and nothing else.

As it stands now, the twisted cruel abuser of Vaisnavi children holds an important position of an Executive Member of the M.E.D. Ministry for Educational Development. This ministry is in charge of education within ISKCON, and it is run by child abusers.

Is this the image of ISKCON! What will be next, Laxmimoni-the child abuser for educational minister? She travels the world giving Teacher Training seminars and devotees thinking that she is an experienced teacher and headmistress attend her classes but they do not know that she herself is a violent sadistic personality who took her frustrations and emotional problems viciously out on helpless little girls. Now she is to be glorified simply because she wasn’t investigated by the police and charged with abuse.

Because a thief murderer or a rapist is not caught or reported to the police for whatever reason does not mean they are innocent. There are many girls in our society or who have left our society that know that she is a very bad person and she is beginning to write to them to apologize which is only the tip of the iceberg in her redemption and the healing of those who she abused and tortures for all those years she got away with it.