Mahasrnga Dāsa [ACBSP]  – Jaipura: Param Gati Swami has been exposed for being an ‘imitating spiritual master’ or guru of  ISKCON who believed that he is able to deliver his disciples to the lotus feet of Krsna when it has now been proven beyond a shadow of doubt that his consciousness is by no means that of a pure devotee of the Lord.

End of 2008 Maharaja kisses boy, boy rejects him;

Transcription GBC Investigation – Another Case Param Gati Swami – Secret

The same deposition was already sent to CE of GBC and to the ministry of Sannyasis so that all the procedures necessary can be taken and Maharaja can be listened.

We ask all of you to keep secret about the content of the deposition until the next orientation
6 months before 2008 a young male devotee describes PGS advances

2009 GBC EC decision: PGS is gay, hit on another male, resigned but not removed from the GBC, no longer accept disciples (was he never a guru in the first place even though he got the votes?) and his punishment: In pursuance of GBC direction, Param Gati Swami will be staying in Mayapur for the next year for a directed course of counseling and spiritual restoration under GBC supervision.

Wow!! A year Mayapur, free room and board, unlimited prasadam and restoration by a group that doesn’t have a clue.   That’s some serious ‘discipline’.

“The group continues to show it’s deep realization:  “Those who are his initiated disciples should approach their local temple or regional authorities, as well as other trusted senior devotees, for personal guidance and direction. By virtue of strong association with good devotees and a deep relationship with our Founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada, they will be able to overcome any impediment and continue to advance on the path of devotional service.”

Hello, anybody home???  They’re not his disciples because he never was a guru; ‘trusted senior devotees’ are one’s who follow blindly; a good devotee is a “Yes” man; deep relationship with Prabhupada means to read his books, listen to his tapes and take “shelter” of him.  Then you can overcome the impediments of being conned.

More brilliant clinchers: In 2010 the GBC and Sannyasa Ministry put their collective intelligence together to realize Param Gati prabhu is not a qualified sannyasa should step down and “The Sannyas Committee will monitor his service and his situation will be reviewed after three years.”  Maybe he’ll make a comeback, if he follows the party line, we can only hope.

(The Great Bonkers Club continues in 2010: )“The Executive Committee of ISKCON Brazil is placed at the disposal of students for further guidance and take the opportunity to – in response to the recurring question of some – to inform those who so wish can continue to grow their guru-disciple relationships with Paramgati Prabhu – including reciting his pranama and maintaining his photo on the altar”. (How dull can a ‘disciple’ be???)  “And…. if a disciple feels it is absolutely essential to his/her progress in Krishna Consciousness been reinitiated by another ISKCON guru, must seek the advice of the authorities in their region. If the authorities agree, the student may be reinitiated. ….”

How dull can these people be….  Go forth and roll the dice and if you’re a lucky bugger…….

Also in 2010 the CGB – Council Government of Brazil sent out an official letter from Param Gati prabhu where he says, “..he is willing to leave the sannyasa ashram…… They explained to me why they used the term “indefinitely”: it does not mean I’ll be the lifetime like this, that within three years it will be re-evaluated……”

If he doesn’t rock the boat, blow the whistle, etc.

“…… The GBC wish that I spend the year 2010 in India continuing to preach and practice different activities with Lokanath Maharaj….”

Oh my, now a little girl/boy team, good thinking guys……

“As for the aspirants, as I said before in the beginning of 2009, they are free to choose another ISKCON guru, because I’m not giving initiations indefinitely……”

Wonder how many of his ‘aspirants’ chose PrabhuVishnu then swami?)  and for the grand finale

Always on the service of Srila Prabhupada and the devotees, Param Gati Swami

Good as God, like all the others

This is the OFFICIAL letter the GBC sent out.

Now for the letters from Param Gati SWAMI?:

Letter No. 1

“My mission is the same as Prabhupada that means take you to the spiritual world and puts you at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna and it is to that final goal of life that I’m dedicating myself.”

Now let me get this straight.  A few months ago you revealed your homosexual tendencies, hit on a young man and now going to put people at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.  Cuckoo-Cuckoo. Loony loopy is in the house.  Only a pure devotee can bring one to the spiritual world and Prabhupada explains that a homosexual desire is demoniac and dahh, they’re not allowed in the spiritual world, my twisted friend.

Letter No. 2

“During my visit to New Gokula in January, I found myself involved in a situation that, by Krishna’s grace, did not materialize in a break of principles”

Just because you didn’t have a ‘happy ending’ and the boy didn’t submit to your indecent proposal, doesn’t mean you didn’t fall down.

“Therefore, due to this slide, I, in consultation with leaders of ISKCON Brazil and Srila Goswami Hridayananda decided to keep away from my responsibilities as a GBC and stop initiating”

Gee, do ya think? This great piece of advice must have come from one of the original 11.

“To my disciples and disciples I ask for your patience and maturity. Know that you can continue to count on me”

Whoa cowboy!   Count on you for what?  Some intimate association?  No thanks here.  Do you really think you’re still a spiritual master?  I’m slow but not dumb.

“By the invitation (of) Srila Hridayananda Goswami I made my base in Gainesville, living and serving in the local temple. I help training the devotees participating in the famous program of Food for Life, with more than 1,000 meals served daily.”

Isn’t this the Goswami who was promoting Gay marriage’s last year?  Now the pieces are starting to fall into place.  Gainesville University has lots of young boy students.  And exactly what type of training will you be giving?

“I hope this finds you very well. Your humble servant, Param Gati Swami”

Doesn’t swami mean to control the senses?

Letter No. 3

“Dear Disciples”

No, they are not your disciples.  Some people just can’t give up that foot bath.

“The intense years of extensive travelling and managerial responsibilities generated a circumstance which misled me in such a way that eventually manifested in inappropriate physical exchanges with a young man of around 19 years.”

Haven’t I heard this excuse someplace before?  Talk about a broken record.  Can’t you guys get some new material?

“In order to clear up some misunderstanding regarding the incident mentioned above, I would like to confirm that in fact I embraced a 19 year old man for more than 5 minutes, and this act developed to more intimate gesture, namely a kiss. I became involved in the situation up to point that I realized that I was losing myself and stopped it.”

Talk about a crop! The young boy refused your advances so you stopped.  You realized nothing.  Do people actually believe this stuff?

“I am intensely praying to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai that I can quickly recover from this state of utter exhaustion. I will also be taking a spiritual break in several Holy Places in India and I will take the personal association of some of my senior Godbrothers.”

This woe is me is getting boring.  The utter exhaustion is not getting any results from your unsuccessful perverted mating attempts.  A spiritual break travelling to Holy Places with senior Godbrothers?  How about some simple humble devotional service to Srila Prabhupada without the  desire for Pritihtha?

“My ultimate duty to you all remains the same, to help you in your loving service to Srila Prabhupada and his mission.”

First help yourself.  You can’t help anyone in your present state of mind.

“As for my aspiring disciples and disciples they are free to seek and take guidance from another spiritual master.

“A cheater is taking the place of teacher.  Therefore the whole world is degraded.  You can cheat others that ‘I am in dress of a devotee,’ but what is your character?  What is your actual value?  That has to be judged.  That is called bona fide teacher” Srila Prabhupada’s letters Hawaii, January 17, 1974

Letter No. 4

“you know me for many years and knows how I have this nature of being familiar and close to devotees in order to create a fraternal environment within the Movement.”

Oops, you got fraternal mixed up with conjugal.  Easy to do, if you have your head up you’re a#s*.


2009: Kindly, Gurudeva engaged me in his service, particularly to collect some laksmi to help for his travel. I should bring the laksmi with me when I´ll go to India in October.

Dakshina to Param Gati Swami Gurudeva’s account 2011

As you all know our beloved Gurudeva is residing in India since 2009 and he has been working a lot for Srila Prabhupada’s mission. As he says in his reports he carries on with his dedication to spreading the Holy Names of Sri Krishna. Maybe this physical distance left us negligent with regards to his cost of main-tenance. His account balance in Banco do Brasil is R$ 122,00 (=50 Euro)and it has been  like that for the last 2 months.  We urgently need to change it for the good of our Guru.


I come to remind you that externally Gurudeva depends only from donations for his maintenance (internally we know that Sri Krsna takes care of his pure devotee but for us is a great opportunity to serve such an elevated soul in the position of our Gurudeva), so I would like to ask you the favor to please contribute with some laksmi for our Gurudeva, his details of his bank account in Portugal (from which Gurudeva has a debit card that he uses anywhere in the world) are:  (blah, blah, blah)

In summary my question to all devotees of the world:  Is there no limit to this astonishing fraudulent and hoodwinking scams these people can do to these sentimental uneducated victims dubbed disciples?

Since 1978 the GBC has not had the integrity, fearlessness or fortitude to take these exploiters to task and severely reprimand them.   Maybe blackmail, fear, foolishness or sentiment has prevented them from insisting on the purity that was abundant when Srila Prabhupada was here.

Not to be discouraged.  The truth always prevails and this dilapidated mentality will be gone when these deviants have changed their bodies.

Mahasrnga dasa