Achyuta Dasa – USA: Okay so the world may be on the brink of the third world war with the US supporting Israel in its desire to nuke or attack Iran or if this does not happen then we still face a potential financial collapse and all the fools and rascals of the GBC can think of, is to seek ways in which to increase its bureaucracy, urbanize and liberalize our Vaiṣṇava Society instead of planning for a bleak material future. Seriously what good will pushing for urban or city based centers do should the world economy be ruined or we are thrown into a Third World War? Is this lack of response by the GBC and Rubber Stamped Guru’s of ISKCON coming from a deep understanding of Kṛṣṇa consciousness or is it coming from a greedy ambitious stupidity born of self righteous ignorance?

I would have to say the latter. In actual fact these so called leaders of ours have intentionally not encouraged discussion on geopolitical topics and the current state of affairs in the world around us. In fact the average devotee is ignorant of world politics and the ministrations of world powers aimed at world domination. Brahmans and Ksatriyas will be well aware of the world around them and hyper-vigilant to the needs and protection of all living entities under their care, therefore they will be well informed on the state, national and international political scene in order to advise and/or give direction to the general populace. The fact that the GBC and Rubber Stamped Guru’s keep their disciples and followers focused on listening only to their personal instructions and plans is by no means innocent. They know the dangerous state of world politics and economics and desire to keep their people in ignorance with the selfish aim to screw as much as they can out of them before they wake up and reject them.

Worst case scenario is that there is world war, but it is vital to understand that the US is already ‘at war’ and has been so for over a decade – not for their own need but simply to protect Israel’s needs in the Middle East. How many young men and women are now being sent by the so called equalitist governments to fight in the Middle East to build US bases and hold on to power so that Israel can build its country, increase its boundaries and most importantly build the third Temple so the Jews can again begin ritualized animal slaughter to fulfill their biblical prophecy?

How many young people’s lives have been and will be lost in the so called Middle East conflict? How different is our own ISKCON society? How many men and women will be used to push ahead with the GBC and unqualified Gurus’ plan to urbanize and liberalize out Vaiṣṇava Society while being influenced and indoctrinated by the minority of powerful Zionistic type GBC and Rubber Stamped Gurus?

What will we do should there be war or financial collapse? Cower in our homes and chant Hare Kṛṣṇa while our sons and daughters are dragged off to fight for the Jews in some foreign land to fight a war that has nothing whatsoever to do with them?

Śrīla Prabhupāda has warned that there will be a third world war and that India and Pakistan could kick it off, however it may also be that Russia and the US would be at war with each other… Further that since there are nuclear weapons of mass destruction involved it is inevitable that the next world war would involve nuclear weapons. So how stupid are we not to heed this warning and take some steps to protect at least the members of our devotional community if not mankind in general? The GBC and rubber stamped Gurus by their unresponsiveness and neutrality would have us believe that there is no cause for alarm and therefore it is business as usual.

Collectively the GBC and Gurus have not lifted a finger to properly concern themselves with the true purpose of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s international Vaiṣṇava society (ISKCON) over the last thirty five years. THIRTY FIVE YEARS!!!! Imagine it! Thirty Five Years and the only strategic plan they come up with is to push for more bureaucracy, more gurus, more disciples and more money wasted on their personal upkeep and luxurious lifestyles! No strategic plan to move our society towards agrarian culture only plans to stay in the cities. The Zionist after all came from the deserts of the Middle East and the farm and there is no way that they will go back to the land or to the farm and look after animals – cows! So if you are wondering why FISKCON is not interested in agrarian culture and cow protection then it goes way back to biblical times when the Semites were goat herders and farmers.

World domination plans are being made by the Kali backed Zionist leaders and our ISKCON leaders have only demonstrated their willingness to follow the Zionist plans to homogenize our Vaiṣṇavaism with secular urban based modern society, centralize and corporatize our society so that there is more control of the masses. So what is the difference? Our leaders have no spiritual realization. No chastity to Śrīla Prabhupāda. They only seem to care for their personal sensual desires. The GBC have purposefully not provided a collective plan to secure our international Vaiṣṇava society’s future wellbeing along with the gurus whose only interest is in their private camps or franchises have also not provided a future for their disciples. All any of these people care for is their own personal wellbeing and future.

These so called gurus don’t give a damn nor do they have the material or spiritual knowhow to be able to build a future that will look after the devotional community what to speak of their own disciples. All they know is how to prance around like demigods, make disciples, take money and spend it on themselves. After 35 years where is the knowhow to grow vegetables and grains and to protect cows? Where are the farming sanctuaries for our devotees to live while the danger passes? Where are the Ksatriyas to defend our people? There is nothing, all we have is degree and PhD holders who only know useless secular knowledge and how to fawn after their rubber stamped Gurus and give them money.

These so called leaders teach the newcomers to stay at home, get a degree and a job, buy a house and prepare for a future of giving money to them so they can get richer, buy more apartments, cameras, computers, stay in more five star hotels and pick and chose what they eat in the way of prasadam and to hell with the missionary spirit of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s ISKCON society. Then when these gurus are exposed for the perverted users that they are their disciples cry foul “oh the offenders who blaspheme the pure devotee! How dare they criticize how dare they judge! They are aparadhis of the worst kind!”

Yet no one teaches them that they are the ones criticizing and judging while the whistle blowers are reporting the news! No one teaches them that their gurus are the ones who have offended His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda and by supporting their gurus and blaspheming and fault finding the devotees who desire to serve Śrīla Prabhupāda, they too are engaging in offensive behavior.

These devotees in general are blissfully ignorant of the present state of the world and the potential catastrophic disaster looming over our heads, all they care about is that their guru is not disturbed and their decision to take his or her shelter is not questioned up to the point that even if their guru betrays them and steps down from their position as guru they refuse to believe it and stubbornly maintain their worship of their disgraced guru.

If the GBC and rubber stamped Gurus followed Śrīla Prabhupāda and not their own plans for domination and subjugation of our Vaiṣṇava society we would have farms which are protected by Ksatriyas and we will be able to defend our spiritual lifestyle to a much greater degree than we can now. Actually now thanks to these people we will be isolated and powerless and entirely in the hands of the government.

As it stands now here in the US they are looking at legislation to be able to totally control the internet or shut it down should the government need to control the dissemination of information in times of war or riots. If they get their way websites like this one will be shut down and along with it any form of in house international internet communication of our ISKCON society. Then we will all be in a dire state and completely isolated. This cannot be good.

When are we as a society going to wake up? How many more of these useless fools are we going to see being exposed for low class cheaters whose only interest is self interest and who don’t give a damn about our collective material future what to speak of spiritual future.

The blame cannot go solely to the GBC and Gurus however the ignorant and naïve followers and disciples also have to share the blame for indiscriminatingly supporting them, when they have the opportunity to read Śrīla Prabhupāda’s books and learn what Śrīla Prabhupāda wanted for ISKCON, yet they have chosen to ignore Śrīla Prabhupāda and follow their guru to hell.

Nevertheless as you read this the Israeli President is calling for war against Iran. Not just a conventional war, they are calling for strategic hits on sites with nuclear weapons. The US who are the only country to use nuclear weapons against another country is fully backing up Israel in this stance against Iran, falsely claiming that Iran has nuclear weapons, just like they did with Germany in WW2 and then again with Iraq.

However the American people have no interest in a war in a far country for the sole interest of a teeny weenie country in the Middle East called Israel. Americans have enough problems of their own putting food on the table and paying their mortgages. None of them want their children to fight another man’s war in another country, especially for such a hostile and aggressive country such as Israel who is prepared to use nuclear weapons against another country.

Yet this is what could happen any day now. We may wake one morning to an earth in the throes of a third world war and how prepared are we? How prepared are you?

Will the people of America want to send their sons off to fight this useless war? No. There will be revolution in the streets. This will come and it will come sooner than later. The patriots who were our heroes are now labeled terrorists but they will not take this sitting on their hands like our so called leaders of ISKCON who are cowards and conformists to the status quo. They will rise up and fight. Then there will be war in our streets when we will fight against each other.

How good will your degrees and academic papers be then? How good will your job be then? How good will your hard earned money be then? Sure it will pay for your guru’s next trip to Bangkok and the odd prostitute or two that he will use for his divine pleasure but what good will it really do? For your own good it is vital that you stop worshiping these rascal rubber stamped Gurus of FICKON, stop giving them your money and begin to worry about your own futures both material and devotional.

If there is war, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia etc will be drawn into such a war and as the US is already stretched maintaining whatever interests Israel has in the Middle East, so it will require all the help they can get. These allies under the protection of the United Nations will sacrifice their youth to fight for Israel and Israel will never send their youth to fight and only arrange for others to do their dirty work. However, should Iran retaliate aggressively they will be a formidable adversary especially if other Muslim countries support Iran. Then what? Then there is always the possibility that Russia will take a stand against the US or perhaps China who has also expressed their opposition to sanctions or war against Iran.

All the aforementioned countries will have to institute conscription and so our children will be forced to fight.  What will we as an international society of Vaisanavas do then? Will the disciples of these bogus gurus run off to defend and worship their gurus hoping that they will be protected from the war that Śrīla Prabhupāda said would come? Or will they cower in their homes while the government comes to take them or their children to fight for Israel?

Thanks to the GBC and rubber stamped Gurus’ treachery, Śrīla Prabhupāda’s divinely inspired vision, wisdom and direction has sunk below the consciousness of the average devotee whose intelligence has been stolen by the most heinous demons to ever don devotional cloth and pretend to be Vaiṣṇava devotees of the Lord.

We as an international society must rouse ourselves from the slumber of impotence and apathy and begin to fight back against the enemy within our very own Vaiṣṇava society – the Great Sinister Empire has arisen…

It is not too late to turn this around but we have to stand up against the rascal GBC and rubber stamped Gurus and begin to educate ourselves and others. However should we fail to turn this around then maybe you need to look at what you should do when any such disasters strike, for the GBC and rubber stamped Gurus of FISKCON never will.